A long overdue and heartfelt THANK YOU to Shaman Medicine Woman, not only for her continued support, but for a highly intuitive, completely non-judgmental private session. A combination of practical advice (which I have followed with great results), total acceptance and the "right questions". I especially appreciate the encouragement to follow my convictions, and do what feels right for ME! 
Sue Burness of EFT by Phone, Radical Self Care, and Pay What You Can 

" Having just completed an 8 week workshop with Dr. Carla Goddard, i have nothing but praise for her teaching methods and the message that she brings from spirit. Her lessons and exercises were always right on universal time with what i needed to hear and learn. I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to study with Carla to take advantage of not only her knowledge, but her skill as a great teacher." Pamela Nelson

I have just finished the workshop of "Fire in the Soul" with this wonderful mentor. Carla not only pushed me past my own limits in understanding the real me, she helped me find the pieces that were missing and how to heal them. The journeys were incredible in that they helped me find that person and she is with you every step of the way. She teaches from the heart and that is very nice to see in this day and age. She helps you along and helps you bring out the best you can be. She makes you dig deep inside and see the root of what is going on and gives you lessons to help heal yourself and others. I am truly blessed to have found Carla and I can't wait to take another workshop from her. She helps you believe in yourself once again and become the person you were always meant to be. Truly grateful to have to have found such a loving soul that is there every step of the way with you on this wonderful journey. 

Michele Dawson

"May the light shine even through your darkest hour."



Teri Goetz, Healthybeing


All I can say is wow! You definitely hit the nail on the head on several things.  This is amazing how it seems I told you all of this straight from my mouth.  Dear friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.    Thank you!  

Catrice M. Jackson, MS, LMHP, LPC
Empowerment Speaker, America's Delicious Life Expert and Author
Author of Delicious The Savvy Woman's Guide for Living a Sweet, Sassy & Satisfied Life!
* Fear-Free Living Expert * Radio Personality 

Thank you for this reading, it feels right on and is clearly showing me that I need to surround myself with a tribe, cannot walk the next phase alone.  I definitely feel at the edge of something, stepping into powerful shoes and taking my time to let the process emerge from deep within rather than allowing the sabotaging energies of the impatience butch up the process.

Aline Munsch, MBA
Transformational Coach

Creating change for the highest good
Awaken, Heal and Reconnect to our Global Interconnectedness
God has sent you to us...I can feel it! ...Jennifer Arnold  

On Sacred Grounds

Barbara Patterson - Caressing The Soul I am deeply touched, Carla. Thank you for having me at your side. mwah from deep, deep down. I bow to you

Jan Marie Douglas My sincere thanks from the depths of my soul for all who provided healing. Carla, you are truly an inspiration to me and I am so honored to have an opportunity to share this time and space in this lifetime. Mwah!!
Blue Wolf Reiki Still basking in the glow of last night's healing ceremony... I, too, feel and experience the same oneness..the drumbeat of your heart. ♥ Thank you, Shaman Medicine Woman for YOU..and your gift of love and prayers and teachings! Blessings, Love and Light ♥

Thank you dear Carla for your light,wisdom and love. I am profoundly moved by all of this and am still feeling the energy this morning. I felt a deeper sense of being, a connection to everyone who participated. I had tears,goosebumps and an unexplicable love arise as I prayed. You move me beyond words,thank you,love you (♥) Tracy(Soul Beckons).
She Wolf

A very special prayer going out to one of the kindest, wisest, most loving woman I have ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with. It has been an honor to be your student and your friend. I hope your path stays clear. Your heart stays strong and you never have any burdens to heavy for you to carry. Let the wings of Angels always carry you on your journey and may the heavens open wide to give you wisdom. Love and warm blessings to you and your family for today and always going out this night for The Sacred Soul Shaman, Carla Goddard !!!!!
She Wolf Thanks so much again Carla. It has such an amazing class. I have learned so much from you and the Tribe. I am in awe of your teaching skills and your soul. Your an amazing person! Many blessings :)
 Kat MacFarland Dear Carla ~ Shaman Medicine Woman, 

From the moment I began receiving messages on fb from you and interacting with you, my heart has been touched and opened with truth and pain and joy! You are special to me ~ You have a gift that has helped me bridge the gap ~ We Are One ~ Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiles and Hugs ~ Kat MacFarland ~ Shaman Ground Healing Arts
Joe Alonzo

SMW. Your energy overwhelms me. I come to your fire with my heart in my hand and my healing gift as your humble ally. Thank you for all you do, share, and say.
 Carolyn Hill my heartfelt thanks. my name went into the fire. i was feeling depressed due to difficult circumstances. today my heart feels lighter. i literally felt a huge difference. bless you!!

i will find a way to express my gratitude by showing kindness to another!!!
 Kathy Kellum Thank you Carla! It has been an honor to have you share your wisdom and it has been a blessing to be with this tribe in learning on another step in my path.

 Nancy Schulze Om!!!! ^i^ "It has been an honor and privilege to simply BE a part in your journey. I adore each of you." I want to say the same ♥ ♥ ♥ No words can express my gratefulness and the feeling of honor and relatedness

 Christina Gonzalez Thank you so much for everything, Carla... even when I got stopped, I could feel your energy guiding me. I'm going to miss this!! And I am grateful for all that you have shared us so lovingly and willingly!

 Karine Henschen Thank you Carla.....it is going to take a while to walk the spokes....But well worth it. ♥♥

 Donata Ahern I agree - it will take a while to absorb and process all these wonderful lessons! thank you for walking with us.

Jane Gajdos To absorb what is hidden at each of the spokes will take time .. I decide to give this time to myself now ... for all the time spend on others ;) ... from the run , this horse, finally find the reason to just walk and graze upon single blades of the grass, appreciating texture, color, fragrance of incoming fall in it, whisper of wind ... step by step by step, thanks Carla :-D

Jamie Hendrickx I have learned so much! Thank you!!

Hasani Gough This is beautiful. I have cried, laughed, meditated, scolded myself, forgiven myself, forgiven others...so many emotions. Thank you, Carla. This is worth so much more than money. A'ho, my Spiritual Guide. May your Life continue to be blessed with Teachers, Love, Joy & Peace.

 Lisa Meade Withinsight A wonderful refection of this powerful movement and vision we have all been blessed to be a part of, to give voice to, to witness and to share. Imagine how life will be different from here on...imagine! ♥♥ Carla for sharing the journey with me, with us, with Spirit and with so much integrity!

Everything  has really resonated with me.  I am so deeply thankful to you, and woman like you who shine your light so brightly and give me hope that all woman can stand as strongly in our own power. You are truly an inspiration!
Again, I am so grateful for you, giving me some of your time and sharing your beautiful gift with me!!!

With lot's of Love, Keri
Keri Mullen


Rating:5 stars (5 stars)

"You are an incredible practitioner who does a lot for the community. We'd be honored to have you consider doing an event at our store or be on our radio show. Thank you for allowing us the honor of connecting with you. --MZ"
From:Modern Zen of Fort Lauderdale, FL on April 23, 2011

Robert Wiest
Carla Goddard ~ A True Waiest® Spirit Warrior Monk! Who follows her own heart in her own way ~ 
I am honored and inspire!

An excerpt from Christopher Jennings Penders recent blog:  Chris' Blog Wisdom and Life

 I found the initial key to unlocking all these serendipitous events a few months ago by discovering Carla Goddards’s blog:
A Shaman Medicine Woman's Journey.

Don’t recall now how I even came across her blog but there have been SO many times when we’re on the EXACT same page. Either I’ll write something and later discover a similar topic that she has written about or she’ll write something and I’ll go back and read it then I’ll slap my head and think, HOLY cow! I just wrote something about that the other day. She unlocked my spiritual doors and threw them open, shedding light on a place I KNEW was there. I didn’t have the keys to open that particular door though.

Now that that door has been swung open I’m privy to so many more experiences, and I can see them SO much clearer. No longer am I pressing my eyes against a clouded over window or attempting to open a door with a set of keys that don’t fit. I’m convinced that Carla had the set of keys I needed and once more I’m struck by the awe of my own God presenting me gifts when I need them. I’ve spoken about this earlier as well, that God gives us what we need when we need it, not before and not after. He knows the EXACT time we need something and he’s ALWAYS RIGHT on time.

Customer Reviews 

Merchant RatingsThank you Carla!

Carla Goddard is an incredibly gifted Shaman healer and an awesome person! She's practical, straight to the point and the real deal. Her counseling and energy work has helped tremendously in healing me emotionally and spiritually. Thanks again!

October 26, 2010 by Otto C. in Tampa, FL


Your service Shaman Medicine Woman has just been recommended by Mary Harvey. Here is what they had to say:
Carla has been an amazing force in my life. She is honest, trustworthy and kind. She always has your best interest at heart. I value and appreciate her wisdom and advice.

 Debra – September 29, 2010 - Thumtac

I must say that Carla is an awsome lady! I have experienced her in classes( where she makes sure you understand everything she is teaching before she is finished),healings( Where there is no one word that can express the energy that flows from her!),readings ( where she is right on!) and I can honesty say that she is the best!

Healing - Merchant Circle
"Ms. Goddard is perhaps the most amazing woman I have ever encountered. She has adminstered to me energy as well has advice!"

Hi Carla- I've been warily reading your articles now for several weeks- I say warily because I've read a lot of stuff in this field over the years, which frankly left me disgusted. In reading yours, I've come to my own personal conclusions that you are an extremely wise and gifted woman; a woman of honest integrity in her profession. I have great respect for your views and convictions, and shall continue to sup at the table of your offerings. Thank you- Always- Ella