Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Solstice with We The Women: A Simple Ceremony for Winter Solstice for any Spiritual Tradition

A Simple Ceremony for Winter Solstice for any Spiritual Tradition

What you will need:
Holiday Incense such as Frankincense, cinnamon or myrrh
Candles in holiday colors
Offering of incense, food, or drink

All ancestors who celebrated the Winter Solstice were thinking of the harvest of the fall that would carry them through the winter months. The winter was considered a time when they would be within, a sleeping if you will, to germinate for the spring. They knew that even though the skies were darkest of the year, soon the sun would return and bring with it life. Thus winter solstice was a celebration to welcome the Sun back as the giver of light.

You can create your own special altar bringing in things that celebrate your spiritual path. There is no wrong or right way to create an altar or practice YOUR spiritual ceremony.
We light the candles with a simple prayer (here is an example)

Tonight upon this darkest night of Winter Solstice
As the Wheel turns once more,
we know our Sun is beginning its journey back to us
To bless all with the beginning of new life.
We celebrate the Winter Solstice
As the rebirth of our Sun
The Wheel of Life turns once more,
We honor the eternal wheel of life
The cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth
Once more

We light the incense with a simple prayer

As we honor the Wheel of Life
Upon this winter Solstice,
I offer this gift tonight
As we send our prayers in the aromas of the season.

Making an offering of incense, food or drink is symbolic in nature. Once your gratitude has been given, spend some time watching the curls of smoke from the incense rise to the skies, think of what you would like to see for the new year. What do you wish to bring forward in the birthing of spring? What do you wish to change within yourself?

When you have your intentions lift your gift above your head in offering and speak your intentions for the new year and ask for the support, guidance, and all things needed to bring forth the birth and growth of that which you are now germinating.

Do not blow out the candles or incense. Allow them to safely burn out themselves as they carry your intentions into the Universe. Spend this time in quiet contemplation of what the year has brought and what the new year will bring forth.