Thursday, August 1, 2013

The mantle of a healer: A discussion of dark and light - positive or negative


"Out of the darkness came forth light."
 Have you ever walked with a candle in the light and see how it dims?  We have all carried a candle flame into the darkness to see the glow of lightness that surrounds it.  But is this same principle true for the heart and soul?

In the average human eye, darkness is not as adaptable for one to see, any more than within a glaring light which dazzles. So the question was asked, "Do we have to dim our light to equalize our vision's perception of what or how we see anything at all? Or must we be just total dim-wits, and feel our way through the dark, to hope for the best."

An interesting question for sure.  It begins simply with what one's perction of light and dark are, how a person define's them spiritually, and what balance structure do they use.  So what is darkness?  What is light?  I recently had a conversaton where I defined darkness as the unpreparedness for a black incomprehensible moment of time when we are separated from the joy of life.  A definition that I call my own authentic truth.  Any time I find myself separated from joy, separated from beauty, I find that I am no longer experiencing the lightness of a Divenly inspired life.

It is the origin of illumination this lightness, the transport of the soul's promise, the realization of a lasting all-embracing mantle woven with the inner luminosity we all need. With this, even the darkest moments can be an everlasting caress within light, in which the balance within one's heart remains it's stable grace.

Having the definition, I return to the question.  Do we have to dim our light to equalize our vision's perception of what or how we see anything at all?"  I do not believe that I need to equalize or dim my own lightness in life to see the truth of my own perceptions without judgment.  I do believe, however, that I do not have to point my own inner lightness at another until they are blinded.  Contrary, I believe my lightness in life needs to remain beautiful brilliant; for when one goes into the darkest moments of spearation of another - my own light maybe the only light they see.

The discussion of "dark and light" or "positive and negative" are always based upon the experience of the ones in the conversation.  For anyone to proclaim negative does not exist or dark does not exist, in my opinion, is being judgmental of another's experience.   This is shining your brilliant light into another's eyes so they are blinded and can no longer see.  When one is feeling the separation of joy - they do not need anothers light to blind them.  They need another's light to quide them like a candle until they can find their own joy and beauty once more.

To me, this is embracing the mantle of a healer.