Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Water, Swimmers, and YOU

Our relationship with the Swimmers of our world.  It is the relations in living color that many feel a kinship to, yet, rarely pause to share in their plight of the water ways. We are looking to the animal kingdom and those who swim or have fins. From the dolphins that share their messages to the fish we eat.   Do you consider all of them sacred or only the beautiful and grand appearance?  Do you thank the ones that give themselves to nourish my body as you eat them?

But even deeper still, what about the waters they live in?  Do you practice conservation?  Do you watch the products that you use in order to protect the water ways from chemicals?  Do you participate in water cleanup?  How do you feel about boating in waterways?  What about the gasoline spilling into the water ways from the boat?  Or the oil that gushes from wells?  The spills?  How do you feel about off shore drilling?  

What of responsible boating, here in Florida in  our waterways the sea turtles, dolphins and
Manatee’s are injured in large number because of boating.  How do you feel about boating with engines that can harm the animals?

We can go to the animals that are used in cosmetics to clothing.  How do you feel about the killing of whales to use their fat? 

Conservation and preservation of water and the lands they flow through is another aspect.  Do you participate in protecting our wetlands, ponds, and spawning grounds?

Water is essential to this kingdom.  Water is also essential to your body.  Do you see the inter relatedness and inter connection between yourself and the swimmers kingdom?

Spend some time in action where you are called with these relations this week.  Perhaps a beach clean up or a riverside clean up. Our waterways are vital not only to those who live there but to humans as well.