Monday, July 15, 2013

The Dog Days of Summer Heat – A Story and a Meditation

I spent the day outside yesterday in nature to re-energize for the week.  There was a hot wind and even early in the morning you could tell it was going to be an afternoon full of skies speaking loudly and the purifying rains to be a torrential downpour.  For now, it was a muggy heat that caused you to perspire even from thinking.

A number of years ago I had done a thesis project with Pindo palm tree seedlings and as I walked through the palms that are still with us I paused to listen.

I was reminded that these tiny seed pods manage to grow and thrive in all sorts of weather, even the muggy hot through the torrential downpours.  They had already weathered many rough weather, including a few hurricanes.  It had strength and determination to not only survive but thrive.

It was time to offer a prayer that each of us have the strength and determination to thrive in life.  To have this strength marry with the knowledge that like the weather, our life has seasons.  When we live in the now, enjoy the “weather” and be without regrets of yesterday or worry of tomorrow, we find inspiration and passion to live as though it is our last.  Peace for each in every breath and to be flexible as the Pindo palm tree fawns which blow and bend but never break, that the old simply falls awayso that the new may continue to grow.


Find a cool, calming place – perhaps beneath the shade of a tree.  Take a few mindful breathes.  Try to focus on the natural flow of your breath as you inhale and exhale.  Allow the thoughts to float in and flout back out.

If you find it difficult to focus on your mindful breath, perhaps you may wish to use a mantra .  Mantra’s can be as simple as “Om” or breathing in, breathing out.  You could also choose a phrase or affirmation that you resonate with.

After a few mindful breathes, begin focusing on your body.  Do you have any places that jump out at you?  Are they tight or sore?  When you discover a place that is not in complete peaceful relaxation, return to mindful breathing.  This time when you inhale send the breath to the part of the body which is tight or sore.  As you breath out focus the stress held in the part of the body as flowing out through the breath.

Continue the exercise until you have relaxed your entire body.  End with three deep mindful breathes in and slow exhales out.

My wish for you is that each of you to experience peace
That you remember to be like the palm tree,
Knowing whatever weather you are in, the season will change.
Let go of the old so that the new can thrive.
Be right here, right now and simply allow
For peace can be found even in the dog days of summer heat.