Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nothing is Sacred; Everything is Sacred - A look at Coyote Medicine

The Coyote, sometimes referred to as the “Medicine Dog” is about waking people up, sometimes shocking them into waking up.  Coyote Medicine will stop you in your tracks to really see what our habits in life are and if we need to let them go.  Many times the Coyote Medicine is confusing; it is said that to the Coyote nothing is sacred and everything is sacred, nothing is right, but everything is right.  A true riddle which is how the Coyote shares medicine; it is never as simple as it seems on the surface.
While the Coyote is a trickster, he is also teaches us to become innocent and childlike in nature.  He reminds us to play and enjoy life.  If we get too serious in life, he will show up to remind us to laugh at ourselves – not always a pleasant reminder while in the serious business of life.  His purpose is to remind us to take an honest assessment of life, our thoughts and our actions - that fun and serious assessment go hand in hand.

Ever felt like you consistently self sabotage yourself?  Perhaps you are seeing the medicine of the coyote.  He has gotten the art of sabotage down pat.  He will stand before you with a mirror within a mirror so that you can see yourself and then turn around a shatter the mirrors.  He does this help us wake up and destroy the pretty little story we have created.  When we seem to be caught up in a story or trap doors keep popping up so the bottom drops out, it is time to shed the mask of illusion we have been wearing and truly contemplate our actions.

While all this trickster medicine is what we often see, we also need to look to the coyote in nature.  He is a survivor.  Resourceful.   No matter how bleak life may appear, no matter the natural environment around them (wild or city), Coyotes have a way of finding what they need to not only survive but thrive.  Thriving is to prosper and always transforming their way of living.  No matter how difficult it may be, the coyote simply adapts , flowing with the change, to find a path that will lead to prosperity.

Journal Exercise 

If you seem to be in the middle of self-sabotage or consistent backfires it may be that the coyote is showing up to teach you a lesson of change.

Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you played?  Laughed?
  • What are you doing, where are you self-sabotaging yourself?  Why? Go deeper and find what belief is overpowering success.  Fear?  
  • Are you being honest in your actions?  Are you trying to “pull one over” on someone?
  • Is someone trying to “pull one over” on you?  
  • Are you walking with pure intent or is there an underlying motive  (a classic way we delude ourselves is to say our conscious intent is pure when our subconscious intent is not)?
  • Are you being too serious in life?  When is the last time you just went crazy?

It was shared with me a long time ago that within each of us is “a beast” and if we do not let that “beast” out once in awhile we will struggle in life.  For me that “beast” has shown up as the coyote to remind me that while our paths may be serious, while our dedication and devotion may be serious, if it is not balanced with pure joyful fun – in whatever form you experience it – then the “beast” or coyote will cause havoc in your life.

So here is to jokes, laughter, play, and enjoying life as we adapt, change, transform, and thrive into prosperity.