Monday, July 8, 2013

"Do The Pictures, Girl"

The Foremother, 
by Liisa, Saami
“A Shaman represents the spiritual link with the other world. He is the abode of the spirits and the gods, essentially representing the revelations of hidden things.  
A Shaman learns to ride the wheels within wheels, which are the vibrations of the worlds of Nature. The Shaman learns to ride the wheels of Self first and finds his own center. From this personal center, he may walk the path of the Shaman. Each aspect of Self and each aspect of Nature, he comes to know brings him closer to his own power. 
“Listening to you inner council, following your heart, staying centered in your personal power, connected to the earth, reaching for Spirit, and channeling the energies of Nature is to walk the path of the Shaman.” "Hawk"
I was asked recently about the quote "do the pictures" so I wanted to further explain the meaning to me.
I have spent time in the past Walking the Wheel of my own inter-relatedness to Nature, to the Spiritual Skies, and to the Underworld. I have Walked the Inner Wheel of my own being. I have realized that to simply walk is almost like having training wheels on your bicycle. You become very self-assured and confident in yourself. Then one day someone takes your training wheels off and you have to learn to ride without assistance. It may take some practice, a few skinned knees, and eating some humble pie, but eventually you again become self-confident and assured in your power to ride the bicycle.

You think you got the lessons down and know how to avoid the pot holes that one always finds along the way. You might even trade the simple bicycle in for a mountain bike and take on some pretty big obstacles feeling as though you have conquered the mountains. That is where I was. I got this down. I learned the lessons. I practiced and practiced. Could travel at a pretty good clip too.

Then someone takes the bicycle away. They turn at look at you. Without words tell you to go ride your bicycle. You start to protest that they took the bicycle from you. How on earth are you suppose to go for a solo ride. They just look at you. It is one of those looks that you know you are going to loose this battle of wills.

The bicycle is only an instrument. Some external “wheel” that is not riding the wheels within the wheels. It is not the vibration of movement. It is not the true nature of being in the flow that is deep within your own being. That place that can not be described by the English language. It can only be experienced. Or it can be felt when one who lives there gives you the look.

A quote from a piece I wrote a number of years ago:
When I started sharing with the world my experiences,  I wanted to share some of the insights that I have learned about myself. I thought perhaps a funny story along the way. I thought perhaps a new horizon or new direction. No idea that it would be an opening to the Gateways of the Universe. So now here I stand at a Warrior’s Gateway with only the words resonating in my soul … “Do the pictures girl.”

I hope this gives you a little insight into my world.