Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weaving Splintered Energy Together

I was asked this morning about energy signatures, splinters, and weaving the energy back into a vibrant unified signature.  I hope this offers an explanation.

Thoughts are energy that has been shaped by our consciousness.  Our consciousness, by act of free will choice, determines our thoughts, our actions, and our reactions – thus our experiences.  Energy flows through your body every moment, with every breath you take.  It is Universal energy – energy that exists with or without your breath, your intention, your thoughts, or your consciousness.  Yet, with every breath, you send an energetic signature out into the Universal energetic flow. 

Let’s go back to the beginning.  As a human being you have a consciousness that is made up of your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.  Experiences, intentions, thoughts, and belief patterns have shaped both the conscious and subconscious mind.  In order to change the reality of life that surrounds you, one must reshape the consciousness. 

In order to reshape consciousness, both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind must become unified.  What happens when the conscious and subconscious are not unified?  The energetic signature that is exhaled becomes ‘splintered’.  Simple illustration.  Let us imagine that you are going to sit down at a potter’s wheel to create a vase.  Your conscious intention is to mold the clay in a simple, yet artistic manner.  Your subconscious has a belief pattern that you are not an artist, pottery is too hard, or that you fear people will laugh at the results.  What is the result?  The result depends upon the level of each frequency.  If the frequency level, the desire of the intention, is stronger in creating a piece artistically than the frequency level of fear; you will create a vase but perhaps not as intricate as you may have had there been no fear.   If it is reversed and the stronger frequency is fear, you probably will give up and not attempt to create a vase.

This is called having conflicting intentions.  Your intentions are literally torn and as the dynamic energy is put into action they will oppose one another.  Every felt like you were stuck in life?  Let’s use a more realistic example.  Recently I was asked by a client about their relationship issues.  Their conscious intention was to find a resolution to the constant arguing and irritability in the relationship.  Their subconscious intention was they just wanted to end the relationship.  The two are opposites of one another and the dynamic energies were holding them hostage in being able to do anything in the relationship.  Without aligning both the conscious and subconscious energies, eventually the lack of fulfillment in the relationship will overpower the desire to find harmony.

Your intentions set into motion every process of your life.  When a person struggles with this ‘splintered’ consciousness between the conscious and subconscious what is produced can be confusing and unfocused.  When ‘splinters’ are happening, many times we are note even aware of the fact that we are separated or not whole.  The key to becoming focused in intent and energetically is to find unification of both the conscious and subconscious consciousness.  When this happens your energy and intentions flow with every breath like a focused beam of light. 

When your consciousness is unified, you are able to manifest whatever reality you are creating easily and effortlessly.  So we have the solution, but how do you get from a ‘splintered’ conflicting consciousness to a unified consciousness?