Friday, June 7, 2013

Spiritual Practice: Attention

"What will you buy with your 

attention today?" Scout Cloud 


Attention has also been called mindfulness, awareness and being awake. When we stay in attention to all that surrounds us we see the moments. Moments full of grace.

Practice: Focus on one thing at a time. Keep your mind focused on whatever you are doing in any moment. Even the mundane, when attention is practiced, can bring clarity and gifts. Spend your attention wisely.

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. 

Most of the time we are 

simply not patient enough, 

quiet enough, to pay 

attention to the story. Linda 


Practice: The story is being whispered around us every day, we must be patient and slow down to hear the whispers. When hearing a bird sing, pause and listen with the heart. When the rains come, pause and look to the skies to hear what they share. The stories are everywhere.

Attention is the intention to 

live without reservation in the 

here and now. Timothy Miller

Look to what is front of you. Look to see a different perspective. Look as though you have no where to be except right in the moment.

Practice: Bombardment Dispersement

Not paying attention has the opposite effect. Not being in the moment allows for everything to register within our mind to the point of not knowing what to do with it all. We become bombarded with stimuli and we find we can't focus on anything. We feel scattered and stressed simply wanting to isolate.

Begin by closing your eyes. Slowly take three long deep breaths.

Now open your eyes and chose one thing to focus on, let all others slip away. Follow your gaze as it looks upon the one object. Allow yourself to see the blessing of the object as you give your full attention. 

Close your eyes once more and inhale feeling the energy return to you from blessing the object with your attention.

This only takes less then a minute and can reground your entire being.

Practice: A simple breathing 

meditation for attention to be 

able to refocus

Breathe in: Remain here

Breathe out: Remain awake