Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Master Keys to Happiness Tip of the Week: Energize with Color Power!

On those mornings when you wake up feeling tired, sad or your bio-rhythms are a little bit off, choose to wear a strong, powerful color that energizes and re-vitalizes you. Whether it's your favorite color or just one that radiates energy...wear it!

Choose a dress, blouse or suit where the color is near or around your face. Red is a great choice because it exudes power and energy. Even a multi-colored pattern that makes you feel good works.

But, bright yellow, orange, purple even a bright blue will do the same thing. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; in fact ‘stepping out’ is the point. You’ll feel elated and supported because you’ve done something exciting.

Now, some people are too shy to wear red. Well, if red’s too bold, choose something else that makes you feel comfortable, yet energized. Maybe you think red’s not your color, well think again. Everyone can wear every color. It’s the shade of the color that matters.

For instance, warm-toned complexions, red-heads and some blondes wear ‘orangey’ reads very well. While cool-toned complexions, and those with dark or black hair look great in reds with a blue base like true reds and cardinal reds.

And then there are the colors that everyone can wear like turquoise and peach. But, on a day when you need an energy boost, make sure you go bold and daring, not neutral and safe. After all, the whole point is to do something to lift your mood, not neutralize it.

If you wear makeup, choose a blush, shadow and lipstick that adds a little something extra to your appearance so that when you look in the mirror, you're looking your best.

Take a little extra time to style your hair. This isn’t the time to just let it go. Even a sassy ponytail can make a statement if you place it high on your head so it swings when you walk and flips when you turn your head!

Wear cute, preferably colorful shoes so you smile when you look down at your feet! It puts a little ‘spring’ in your step. Get a manicure, pedicure or polish change. A massage would be a great thing too. All of this pampering will make you feel special!

If you can get out for lunch, make plans to eat with friends that cheer you up and make you laugh. You can eat lunch at your desk to catch up on work or housework, tomorrow. Today is about you and making ‘YOU’ happy!

When we wake up feeling down, we often decide to just let ourselves go, which tends to leech out more of our energy. Instead, take a little extra time to look good. It empowers and uplifts us. It reminds us that we matter. It says how wonderful we are and before long, we're feeling it…and believing it.

This is just one of the Master Keys that are presented in my 8-week, Master Keys to Happiness Workshop. The Spring Session begins March 20, 2013. For more information and enrollment, email me at: or go to

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Lyn is a Life Coach specializing in Love and Happiness Mastery. She helps women over 35 re-ignite their passion for living and find their own sense of power and beauty; so they can be happier with their lives; and make more money! When a woman is happy, everyone around her is happier too!

Through the years, Lyn has coached hundreds of women and men to help them find their voice, understand their motivations and strengths, and live happier lives.

Her practice is interactive, so they’re done by phone, Skype or Internet conferences. Her clients actively participate by learning powerful techniques so they can use them on their own between sessions.

A student and practitioner of Metaphysics and New Thought philosophy since 1977, Lyn Williams is the living example of surviving and rebuilding a life after severe crisis. After the drive-by shooting death of her son in 1988, she endured 5 trials for the murder of her son over the next 7 years.

Though her son’s death was the most difficult, she also lost 5 other family members between 1987 and 2006. She’s had many other personal and financial challenges over the years, including the 3 D’s (divorce, death, and the downturn), and depression and changing careers at mid-life.

To cope with these life changing events, she began practicing energy healing techniques to rebuild and fortify her spirit. Now she shares her wisdom and experience, and teaches these practices to others who’ve suffered similar personal traumas.

In 2004, she retired from a 33-year Information Technology career to become a full-time business entrepreneur. Now, she’s a successful writer, speaker, real estate investor and success coach.

As a full-time Life Coach, Lyn now works primarily with women. She helps them overcome challenges like fear, procrastination, and heartbreak, and make life transforming breakthrus. Her personal experience allows her to better understand and connect with her clients.

Lyn is also a speaker, author, and host of a show called ‘We Can Talk About That’.

Lyn holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Metaphysics at Sedona, and is a licensed minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry. She's also an EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master, and energy healer.

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