Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Clear: Guest Blog Post by Rita Benacquista

There’s a purpose to our life. 
We were born to fulfill that purpose in a way that no one else can.
We bring to life talents, gifts and experiences like no other.
Every experience is a key to our purpose.
Every talent—a tool for our purpose, and every person in our life is a coach to assist us in discovering our re-defining our purpose.
Each life has a natural built-in reason for being.

Purpose is the creative spirit of life moving through us from the inside out.
It is the deep mysterious dimension of each soul which carries with it a profound intuitive sense of personal identity.  
We move toward this perfect state of being by supporting the purposes of life as they are presented to us.

Life carries within it the purposes of its origin.
When we can see and respect this in others, we can find it in ourselves.
As we honor the power of purpose, that power will honor us. 
It will bring us to the highest knowledge of ourselves that is possible.

As we serve the purpose of our life, we build character—then layer by layer, as our character grows, it gives evidence of the deep invisible potential stored within our being. 
Character is the summation of our personal history and experiences as it conforms to a central purpose that we could not have seen in the beginning.
That purpose is not visible until it is manifested through service.

Purpose refines and directs our contribution to life—
For it is not dis-ease that kills us, but the lack of purpose in our life!

Guest Blogger:
Rita Benacquista is a Clinical Psycho-Spiritual Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker,
Founder of Be-Still Bookstore/Art & Learning Place in Wasaga Beach, On, Canada.

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