Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air

As I work towards my own intentions for the New Year, I spent a bit of time reviewing last years vision book.  A revealingly new tradition I began a few years ago was to begin each year with an empty journal.  Each blank page beckoning to be filled.  Filled with dreams.  Filled with intentions.  Filled with the deepest yearnings.  Expanding each month with simple words, memory moments, and thoughts contemplated upon during the walk of the wheel.  I spend time with the blank pages drawing (stick figures grins), placing photo's, writing words, thoughts, and intentions for each cycle of the year.

Last January I wrote:

Your soul births through infinite love and the journey has diverse opportunities for expansion and growth.    A birthing journey may appear in illusion as a dark cavernous plight.  Yet, just as the painful contraction seems to crush the spirit, your soul emerges into the brilliance of life.  A new life journey, full of movement, which can expand the soul into a new reality.  As the emerging soul becomes aware of its authenticity, remembering the birthing through time, the medicine and wisdom deep within is found.
Birth, emergence, and creation through a free flow of awareness; awareness rooted in a responsibility and knowing of the choices in expansion come through the movement of emotions and mental thoughts.  The releasing of all the binds and limits the soul to lack began with the choice, the movement and spring of action to allow the release.  Your choice, your intentions are the readiness to step back into the Divine presence of infinite love.  The purification, just as the emergence and birthing through the darkness, comes with the painful contraction.  All that you need to heal the bones, heal the heart, and heal the spirit already exists within this infinite power. 
Later on in the journal, I wrote "The contractions are not wounds".  A huge statement.  Awareness between expanding and wounding movements.  Awareness that change comes through creation.  To choose to place oneself outside the movement - to become the flow of the movement rather than experience the result of the movement.  

Last year was about birthing - the act of creation.  Re-thinking the creation process.  Re-thinking the birthing process.  A creation born but not grown.  A seed planted and even germinated.  Is it a flower or a fruit?  Does it matter?  

So what to begin the journal with this year.  It is not about the answer.  It is about the experience of growth.  It is about the spiral of the question.  The koan of life.  Medicine found but to become true medicine of wisdom it must be free to flow through life without preconceived notions of what will become.  The wisdom of the north must transition into the creation of the east, be nurtured through the south, harvested in the west before becoming the wisdom medicine of the north.

My first statement of intention for 2013  

I intend to experience the question by living in the sunshine, swimming the sea and drinking the Wild Air.