Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Steps to Cleaning the Mirror: Release the "failure" story

Become Your Own Mirror

Do you have that little voice inside that constantly nags at you that you don’t really deserve …. Love, Promotion, Acceptance or any Accolades?  Think your alone?  Your not, the truth is many women cannot see their own amazing and brilliant reflection.  Even when walking towards your authentic soul passion, many find that the nagging voice within is causing stagnation, fear, and obstacles to truly living with confidence and authenticity. 

One of the most often theme’s that I am asked about is how to find that confidence and courage to truly step into personal power.  Why does so many lack the confidence and courage?  Confidence is often times derailed from a young age.  “Stories” are created from our formative years that can impact our decisions as women.  Whether it is that feedback was not given, support not felt, or dreams not nurtured, a “story” of failure.  The woman begins to base confidence on how they perceive others think of them.  When a challenge occurs, the failure “story” arises.  This vicious cycle occurs over and over again affecting their decisions and more importantly their self-esteem.  The mirror they look into everyday reflects “I don’t deserve” or “I can’t do this” reflection. 

Time to clean the mirror to see the real YOU!

When the mirror is cleared from outside perceptions and experiences of the past, it can accurately reflect what a woman’s strengths and weaknesses are.  This objective reflection can create a balanced sense of who YOU are.  When it is balanced, it is possible to nurture and support YOUR confidence and self-esteem allowing you to have a rewarding and fulfilling life.

5 Steps to Cleaning the Mirror

  1.  Grab a piece of paper and pencil.  Draw a large oval on the paper with a horizontal line down the middle.
  2. On onside of the oval write down 10 strengths that you see within you.  These can be positive qualities such as being a good listener to being an amazing chef to being a gracious hostess.
  3. On the other side of the oval write down 5 weaknesses that you see within you that you would like to improve.  It is vital to stop at 5, this is a beginning of letting go of the “stories” of perception that have been held onto.  Could be as simple as  being authentic in your words too quick to anger.
  4. KEY here is to now on same side of the oval write down 5 attributes that you perceive as weaknesses that you are willing to accept.  Why accept a weakness?  If we continue to see all of the weak areas as failures, we perpetrate the “story”.  It is not possible to be strong in every area of life.  We all have weakness and by accepting them, they no longer serve to fuel the story.  These could be as simple as being organized or public speaking.
  5. Now that you have your oval mirror which more accurately reflects who YOU are without the stories, you have the opportunity to foster the strengths and release the weaknesses.  Begin by picking one weakness to work on.  For example if your weakness is being able to speak your truths, begin by writing in a journal your truths so that you can see them in black and white. 

Being able to objectively see YOUR reflection in the mirror is vital to seeing the truth.  The truth is that YOU are a sacred and beautiful soul.