Monday, December 3, 2012

A Pelican Shares Words to Focus The Dive Into The Ocean

The sky alive with light, the water beaming crystal prisms, and silence fills the air.  We all are from the skies, the water, the air – they are all the same.  Perspectives differ, but the reality is we are all the same.

It is always amazing to me that when you silence the mind, open the soul, and listen the wonders that will be revealed.  As I sat by the water, the skies were a brilliant blue and it was a moment to relinquish everything to the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide.  Allowing the thoughts to slip in and out just as the water lapped my toes from its flow as the warmth of the sun wrapped my being.  Beautiful moments.

Shortly a visitor arrived.  A pelican. 

Pelicans are incredible birds, they are another example in nature of sociable and peaceful living.  They are well balanced in their life.  They do not compete with one another for food or nesting territory; many times you will find multiple pelicans together.  They use their large bills to eat, communicate with one another, defend themselves, and even groom their own feathers.  As I watched the pelican on the water diving for a supper feed, it seemed as the entire body disappeared and then it popped back up to swim serenely.  A fisherman nearby interrupted my own thoughts.  As he began to share, even more of the pelican’s story was capturing my every breath.  He asked, “did you know a pelican can’t sink?” 

I had to double check this on my phone.  They don’t sink.  They have these air sacs beneath their skin that keep them floating.  They rise up from the depths of the water after diving up to thirty feet for food.  Completely able to balance out within. 

Part of our conversation ...

            Focus.  Focus upon a desire.  Perched high above the waters and dive into the ocean of your desires knowing you can balance yourself within when you soar back to the skies.   Gracefully swoop into the emotional ocean of love to receive its sustenance for life.  When you consistently travel the skies of your mind, balanced with the oceans of your emotions, it is then you will bring understanding to your awareness.  To remain perched high atop a mast will not bring new ideas or feed the soul.   Watch the tides, sense the changes, adjust to the frequencies.

Powerful medicine in the simple silence of the ocean as the skies became a beautiful pink hue.