Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Message for 12-12-12

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado
Manifestation of Higher Self

The journey of life, walking with our own truths, living impeccable, and yet being open to receive new ideas and energies can be challenging.  I have shared before that one of the basic choices we all make is to engage life fully. To take responsibility for everything that comes into our lives in order to gain wisdom but more importantly to find our true selves.

This means that when walking a spiritual path of any type (paved, dirt, mud, or rainbow colored), we must be willing to see from all perspectives not only our own, what is before as well as what is deeper than the surface of life. It means that their can be no denial. No acting like a victim. A choice was made at some point to call, in some fashion, the challenges into our lives in order to learn, to become aware of the influences of our past and to clear them, and to face new challenges and tests with an openness and deeper level of responsibility.

When you become truly receptive to see what you are confronted with, then you can truly find the answers to why you have called the challenge into your life. You can then learn the best way to work on the challenge. We must be aware to learn from each and every experience that is presented. After all why else would we choose it.
As the saying goes, a spiritual warrior having perceived the choice will not only choose  - but act.  We are all spiritual warriors - are we not?  We are all spiritual beings having human experiences - how we define it, what terms we use is a matter of perception.

Whenever you take an action, it reverberates. It is like the proverbial stone thrown into the water. Once the stone is thrown into the air and no one snatches it from splashing into the water, the action can not be retrieved or changed. The action is done. When the stone hits the water it will cause ripples. Each ripple having an affect on the vibration of everything surrounding it. The ripples go beyond the scope of human sight.

Wisdom is nothing unless it is put into action.  But where does the wisdom in a challenge emerge from?  Wisdom emerges through the asking of questions and then silencing self to receive the answers.  We wait for the answers patiently until we are able to integrate (act upon) the new knowledge.  Our danger here is only if we "choose" to shift from listening to apathy.  While it is vital we silence within to hear the answers, it is also vital that we do not use the silence as a tool to defend apathy.

Why all this talk of choices, asking questions and listening for answers before action is taken?  As our lives shift, so many speaking of prophecy and days to come, it is imperative that we make choices only after asking for wisdom within.  Pause and ask yourself - does this prophecy resonate deep within?  Does this feel to be truth for me?  I am not here to discredit nor promote prophecy or theories of what may or may not happen this month.  I simply urge you to listen, ask questions, pause to hear YOUR truths, and then take action based upon what your inner wisdom tells you.   

It is imperative that we do not fall into the old paradigm of fear and look to the horizon with hope, dreams, and promises of a better tomorrow.  If we call in our reality, I wish to call in love, beauty, joy, and abundance.  That is my vision, my dream for tomorrow - how about you?