Monday, November 19, 2012

A Vulture Comes To Visit Eating The Roadkill of Release

It seems nearly every time I take the trip to the post office I encounter a flock of turkey vultures on the side of the road clearing away what was left behind by motorist.  Many have asked me about the medicine of a vulture, as recently a discussion was held about the negative personification we seem to give these beautiful creatures.  This morning as I was sitting outside by my small fire I watched in awe of the flight of these creatures.  My mind had been on releasing those things within that had been weighing heavy after the transition of a few friends this past week.  I had to smile seeing the turkey vultures swooping down a mere 10 yards from my fire as though they were clearing away what I was leaving behind.

We often forget that the Spirit can speak to us in many ways and in many forms.  Animals can be messengers bringing us great medicine from the skies.  They can bring us guidance, assurance, and courage of knowing the path we are upon.  This is true of the vulture.

The vulture, by its very nature of being, is part of the life cycle that many wish to avoid.  They clean up after others.  Yet, as they clean up the mess they transform the energy.  Unlike most animals, they purify what they eat returning a disease free feces.  They are nature’s purifiers.  In flight, they can soar for hours without any effort or expending energy simply by riding the currents of air.  (There is a message for us all – simply be within the flow without trying to control it, manipulate, or fight it.)

They go about their purifying without killing; they do their work passively and never aggressively.  They do not fight between themselves or with others.  (Their protection mode – spit out the contents of their stomach so others will not come near them).  A message of peaceful living.  Most will see them as one of the winged world’s undesirable as they feast upon the mess in what most see as a gross habit.  They do not see the beauty in their medicine and message.

The real question comes in when we must ask ourselves, what else in life do we perceive as negative with our own judgments?

Their medicine – soul cleansing to transform of energy through purification.  Soaring in the flow of life above your own limitations.  Peaceful harmonious living where no harm is done to exist within the circle of life.  See what one does, not how they appear.  Patience is different than apathy.  Within patience all will be gifted that is needed.  Within apathy struggle occurs.   I am blessed with having a visit from the turkey vultures this day.

Photograph by Ben Girardi

And food for thought – a Condor is a type of vulture …