Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tumultuous Energy During Tug Of War Turns Into Ectasy

The birthing fire

Pictures.  You know the ones that come into view – the great vision?  Those ones that seem like you have be able to faith when you jump across the Grand Canyon that you will suddenly have the knowledge of how to fly?  Ever have one of those.   All though the “picture” this time appeared as a solid wall painted in vibrant colors that would shock anyone into reality who may have been asleep.  Really?   That can’t be the “picture”.

When we receive these pictures and visions, it can be hard to ascertain the difference between a dream and a vision.  Trying to determine what is just a fantasy and what is a vision, a purpose, or a picture in my case of what steps to take next.  So how did I react?
Photographer Halley Allen

I jumped.  Not from fear, but from the knowing within that I have been at this mountain cliff before and always been given the knowledge of how to fly.  

The adrenaline starts pumping.  There is that natural high when the heart beats faster than you thought possible.  The only thought, show me the rest of the “picture”.

The view is spectacular when you open your eyes.   Free falling into the void, letting the wind carry you.  For a moment in the sands of time you are the wind flowing across the skies.  Words can’t describe it when, for that grain of sand in time, you are the oceans, the skies, the mountains and valleys.  Becoming the leaf blowing, not knowing where you will land, simply present in the moment. If this could last a lifetime … Imagine.  It is an incredible moment of ecstasy.

Eventually, the leaf lands upon the ground.  Sometimes that landing is a fluttering upon the lush green grasses; yet, other times it is flying head long into a brick wall.  That same wall with the vibrant colors painted in living color.  It is then that you realize you still have to do the “picture”.  The flight was simply a prelude to the orchestra’s symphony in order to show you the gift of the journey. 

To experience the ecstasy of the flight, you have to let go of the branch knowing there will be other trees.

The message of the picture:

Alone we are separated.  Together we are unified.  Each one of you must remind yourself daily that you are a beacon of light for those lost in darkness.  All people are Spiritual leaders helping those who cannot find the path.; even if it is your own self that you are helping to find a path for.  Your own light – your own fire – must be illuminated brightly.  The flames of your internal fire must emblaze with eternal love and offer warmth for those who are cold.  Together, we are unified as one.  Ignite your own fire, tender it, so that you can remain just as the stars even on the darkest of nights.

Regardless of what path you walk, regardless of what knowledge or wisdom you may have or not have, this is YOUR time.  This is OUR time.  It is our time to come together, take responsibility for our own paths.  Time to take responsibility knowing our own footsteps and the impact our steps have on the world around us. 

While there may seem like there are more questions than answers, more obstacles than smooth paths, or more waves than calmness, the true nature of life is every experience brings us one step closer to who we really are within.  Our authentic self.   

While it is vital that we come together in communities, to be an effective community member one must have ended the separation within and become a unified, whole, healthy, and joy filled person within.  Igniting their own fire within to become that beacon.  When this unification within occurs within individuals, it is then that we come together as one creation.  One creation to celebrate One Source, One Direction, and one One Purpose in a harmonic, peaceful, and spirit filled way.  How do we ignite and unify our own fires?

The form of duality within must be returned to its state of balance.  The perception of duality causes us to judge others on their own paths simply for not fitting into our individual perceptions.  We seem to struggle in an internal tug of war with our perceptions.  This tug of war within creates a tumultuous energy that is projected into the world serving only to create greater chasms between people.

We have to remember that in truth we are all simply extensions of one another.  The world, the Universe, was created as One Universe.  It is the individual that created the separation – the polarity of life.  Duality is simply two sides that complement one another.   Judging one side or another serves only to create an illusion that we must be opposites and that our truth must be the only side that is “right”.  These illusions separate us within causing the chasm within.  We can’t experience oneness, authentic self, or unity of community when we have this great divide within. 

We must begin by looking within, finding the cause of separation, break the cycle of perception, and see the true nature of our own oneness.  It is through this lifting of the veil of illusions that we will begin to see the shift within and around us.  It is then that we can see the “picture” take form in the physical.

It is exciting times for sure to be alive and awake.  To experience the great shifts in the world around us.  To see the communities form and become nurturing and loving entities that is alive and connected.  Yet, to truly feel the free fall into ecstasy, to experience being the ocean, the skies, and the Earth in one breath, we must begin within our own self to bridge the chasm illusion of duality.

Remember, every positive is simply a perception.  Every negative is simply a perception.  Every light, every shadow, and every darkness is only a perception.   What you perceive determines the label that is placed upon the person, action, event, or circumstance.