Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A Birth Announcement 
Is Coming Soon

With every birth comes an announcement.  In life’s journey, the birth announcement arrives as the new parents are already becoming emerged in a new way of life.  Restless sleep, a restructuring of daily life, and new belief structures all surrounding the new life.  In many ways this is what is occurring in the world around us.  Time shifting, merging, letting go all unfolding as a new paradigm is birthed creating dramatic shifts as the unfolding occurs.

The real question is are we listening?  Are we hearing what needs to be released?  Are we seeing the old intentions are in need of being released?  Do we see the imbalance that exists forcing the swing of the pendulum?  The signs are all around us.  Mother Nature speaks to us in all her divinity; yet, her voice whispers and it is imperative we pause to hear her.

I often refer to it as “unplugging”.  Unplugging and disconnecting from the technology filled world we live in.  Simply put:  turn off the television, unplug the computer, and putting away the smart phones.  Taking time to sit in Mother Nature to listen, to see, and to really experience the re-calibration and re-balancing of our own being.  As a culture, we are dependent upon technology.  It allows us to touch the souls of those across the globe from the comfort of our own living rooms.  We communicate, read, see, and even feel one another through light waves of technology.  Technology has opened new doorways. 

We walk through the technology doorway and many times forget to return to dirt.  Return to smelling the roses and singing with the birds.  This forgetting has led us to become imbalanced in intentions and belief structures that no longer work- literally closing the door to our brothers and sisters in nature. 
Each morning the sun rises in the East blessing us with light for the day.  Mother Earth nurtures and supports the ground our feet walk upon.  The moon moves the waters to ebb and flow and wash away to cleanse.  The winds carry our prayers upon them. All of life dances whether we “unplug” to notice it or not. 

As we approach the moments of receiving the birth announcement, dreams become alive.  We wonder in awe what the new life will be, how will it look, how will it sing?  We wonder what the experience of holding the new life within will be.  Anticipation.   Then we move on to our next moment, encased in the old ritual of plugging in to old beliefs, old patterns, and imbalanced living.  

We are all receiving the birth announcement.  We are all already preparing for the new life as it is already here.  We can become disengaged ‘parents’, over tired, apathetic to the needs of the new life or we can re-calibrate our priorities, regenerate our belief structure, and ‘unplug’ to rejoice and celebrate the experience of holding the new life.

So as this birth announcement has been mailed and we await to open it to see the picture of the new life, I invite you to pause to celebrate, to rejoice, and to remember – remember that all of life is watching.